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and Cognitive Therapy for Children and Teenagers

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Mama, I see the creases in your brow as you scour the internet. I see you're worried. And I get it.

I get wanting to do everything you can for the human that you love more than you ever thought physically possible because I'm a mom too.

Your little one deserves to be able to talk without it being so hard. Your teenager deserves to recover after their concussion or be more focused and organized so they can succeed in school.

They all deserve more smiles and less struggle.

Are you wondering if it's possible for your child to ask to go play outside or for an extra cookie after dinner with clear speech or a strong, healthy voice?

Are you wondering if it's possible for your teen to improve their organization and concentration so they can get more out of the school day? Or heal from the brain fog of a concussion, or find their authentic voice as a transgender / non-binary teen? 

It is possible.


You really can smile as you listen to your little one bravely chatter on. You don't need to hear people ask you, "What did he/she say?" when they don't understand your child's speech. 

You really can see folders lined up inside of your teen's backpack without stray papers sticking out everywhere. You can watch your child feel more like themselves again as their brain heals after a sports injury. 

And you can finally fall asleep a bit more easily, knowing that life no longer is as difficult for your child as it once was.

How? That's where I come in.

I'm a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist (a.k.a. speech therapist, or SLP) and I help with all sorts of speech, voice, language and cognition problems, but I'm particularly good at helping with:

  • Stuttering

  • Unclear Speech

  • Articulation

  • Transgender Voice, Gender Expansive Voice, and Non-Binary Voice (yes, for teens too!)

  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction

  • Voice Coaching for High School Presentations

  • Executive Functioning for High Schoolers

  • Cognitive Treatment after Concussion for High Schoolers

  • Improving Memory Skills for Teens

  • Improving Concentration Skills for Teens

I'll do a thorough evaluation and determine what strategies, techniques, and exercises can help your child meet their goals as soon as possible. Then we'll work together to implement these in your child's everyday life.


Things don't always have to be this hard. They will get better.

I'm here to help, listen, guide, teach, and support so that your child can achieve what you've both been searching for.

It's time for your child to get more out of life.

Call me today at (630) 473-8315 or message me below.


Bravely discover what your life can be

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Based out of West Chicago, IL 60185

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